LockChain is a ICO platform for bookings where the proprietors and property owners can rent their property globally, by collecting money and managing their bookings without paying any kind of commissions to the middlemen. 

The only project in the lodging sector and the only booking engine in which it is the open source and free to use. By providing this expertise, LockChain will actually get up to the discount of hotel prices with up to 25%. And the users can spend their LOC tokens for properties that are listed on the rising marketplace. Know more about LockChain:

LockChain is the first decentralized market for hotels and vacation rentals.

Absolutely with 0% commissions for clients and hotels.

This generates a discount of up to 25% in at the end.

A new service in the accommodation industry by providing a high quality serving with no middlemen.

Clients will immediately be able to see the benefits.

Clients will be able to book for hotels in LOC as well as through the standard payment means.

It might even launch its very own ICO, which might be the hottest cryptocurrency.

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