ICOs are basically a type of fundraising mechanism which supports Blockchain. The idea revolves around gathering funds to develop the project. Investors look over at the problems and solutions offered by the platform before deciding to invest in them. The white paper prepared by the company describes all about the legalities and different features of the project. Investors are provided with tokens when they invest in the ICOs. This is done in exchange for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins or even Ethereum.

Many projects run with tokens Ether. Ethereum majorly has ERC20 tokens, it has a set of common rules to be followed by all the tokens. The tokens are function specific based on the Ethereum platform. The platform helps new projects in several ways. They do not have to create a new project for new tokens.

Some of the best ICOs to buy right now are listed below:

Agate: a decentralized platform which supports Blockchain. It is based on instant payment mode without the risks involved in the crypto adoption.

Dominium: a platform which deals with property management.

CoinAnalyst: a platform which acts as the Bloomberg of crypto and the whole of ICO space.

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