You can say that ICO is a type of IPO and crowd sale. If you are interested in investing in any ICOs, then you can send them the amount via Bitcoin or Ethereum. You can either use the tokens to keep and use it for the future services of the platform. trade it in the future. ICO crypto is clearly gaining ground to be an alternative form of the financial system.

Some of the ICOs in the market right now are listed below:

Ubex: a platform which uses AI for advertising.

Gigtricks: a platform which has an integrated ecosystem to deal with the freelance economy.

CargoCoin: a decentralized platform which aims for revolutionizing global trade and transport.

There has been a number of cases where investors have come across scams and fraud involving ICOs. So, before you decide to invest in an ICO, make sure it adheres to certain conditions for a real ICO. The success of ICOs has been shifting significantly since 2017. The Blockchain technology has been very beneficial for investors to get a great return on investments. Just within a few years of initiation, they have managed to start a revolution.

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