In the past year, crypto ICO have managed to gather a lot of attention. The new methodology for gathering funds has been applauded by many. New and upcoming projects are preferring the method to start their companies. This essentially works through digital tokens or the crypto coins which are issued. Today, over 1000 digital tokens are existent in the world. The blockchain ICO has been very successful in many spheres.

Some of the successful ICOs have been listed below:





Sirin Labs

In the mechanism of ICO, the investors do not get any part of the equity stake. If you are one investor, then you only get to have a small share of the company. The only benefit here is the token value. This can bring in great returns for the investor if the company takes off to be successful. ICO can be termed as a bound-free tool for raising funds. There are various platforms by which the company can create tokens for it or even new cryptocurrency. Ethereum is one such platform which supports Blockchain. It acts as an environment which allows the development of other applications.


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