You can start investing in ICOs by sending crypto to the project address. There will be an address posted when the token sale begins for the ICO platform. Ensure that the address is legit to save yourself from any kind of scam. 

After you get the tokens for the platform, make sure that you store them somewhere. There is an option for a cold wallet which is devoid of the internet and hence, is very safe. You can also store it in a hardware wallet, this is specifically designed to hold them. When you are ready to use the tokens for the services on the platform, you can extract them. Else, if you want to trade your tokens then you might get good returns. The profit depends on if the value of the token has increased. Get all the information on new bitcoin ICO if you are looking for platforms to invest in.

Some of the top coin ICO are listed below:

Agate: a decentralized Blockchain platform which deals with instant payment methods. It eliminates the risks of crypto adoption.

Konios Project: a platform which is based on converting cash to crypto.


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