There are certain rules established by government organizations to safeguard the interest of the investors and to keep a check on the direct frauds and scams. The direct marketing methods require follow up on some additional rules and policies and if a company is planning for a direct marketing campaign, they will have to comply with a number of regulations. Some of these apply to unsolicited electronic messages sent by telephone, fax, email or text. The direct marketing checklist is nothing but a simple checklist enlisting the methods of communications regarding different means available to the investors for investing the checklist needs to be filled specifying the methods and ways used by an ICO to raise funds.

The new coins coming out need to be in compliance with the latest rules and regulations and need to fill the new direct marketing checklist in case the organization or the  project offers a  direct marketing ,  the new ICO cryptocurrency has become very safe and convenient to invest in as the interests of the investors are being safeguarded by the new rules and regulations formed which keep a check on the fundraisers and their activities making it very safe for the investors and with the coming of new regulations like the direct marketing checklist the work for fundraisers has increased but it ensures the safety of investors which is beneficial for the organizations as it helps building trust and draws more investors.

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